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 General Conditions

• When you receive your registration form we will send you the budget of the course you have chosen.

• To book your course it is necessary to pay, within 10 days after receiving the budget, 50% (minimum € 100) of the budget. If you prefer, you can pay 100%.

• To make the payment you can do it by bank transfer with the follow information (in the concept should be indicated the full name of the person and the number of budget):

Account holder: Desilena S.L.
Bank: Santander, office 4976, Adeje, Calle Helsinki
IBAN: ES51 0049 4976 9627 1603 1330

• Desilena will not pay for any bank charges, it is the client’s responsability. If at the beginning of the course there is an outstanding amount as a result of these bank charges, it must be paid at the school on the first day of class.

• The remaining amount must be paid in cash or with card at the school on the first day of class.

• Upon receipt of payment or confirmation of payment, Desilena will confirm the reservation and will send all the information related to your booking together with a level test that you must send us back before the beginning of the classes in order to assign each students the correct level accordingly with the knowledge.

• Desilena will not pay any bank charges, it is customer's absolute responsibility. If at the beginning of the course there is an amount pending as a result of these expenses, it must be paid at the school on the first day of class.

• All cancellations must be made in writing.

• If the student is discharged four weeks or more before the beginning of the course, 100% of the booking will be refunded, except for the enrollment. If the student cancel the course two weeks or more before the beginning, will be refunded 50% of the reservation except for the registration. If the cancellation is made less than two weeks before the beginning of the course, the reservation will not be refounded.

• The registration fee will never be refunded.

• The following conditions will be applied for students who have requested a letter of admission to Desilena´s courses for the Spanish embassy: in the event that the visa application is denied, Desilena guarantees the refound of the amount of the program, less expenses incurred, such as shipping costs, bank transfer fees and a management fee of € 150. It must be demonstrated in writing that the Spanish Embassy has denied the visa. The cancellation of the course after obtaining the visa is only possible when the participant demonstrates through the proper documents of the Spanish embassy that has resigned to the entrance in Spain. If the student has already entered Spain, the cancellation of the course is not possible.

• Desilena School Insurance only covers accidents or injures suffered by students inside the school premises. This insurance does not cover students in case of illness, theft, damage or loss of personal belongings. In addition, Desilena S.L. avoid any responsability in any of the circunstances above mentioned. We recommend you to take out full travel insurance that offers coverage in case of medical, money or baggage problem. We recommend that students who are EU citizens, to bring the E-111 form or European Health Card to obtain free medical treatment in Spain, if they have any medical problem during their stay.

• The holidays in 2017 are: January 6th and 20th; February 2nd; April 13th and 14th; May 1st and 30th; August 15th; October 9th and 12th; November 1st; December 6th, 8th and 25th.

• The school will be closed on public holidays.

• If two days of holidays coincide in the same week, you will recover one of the two days by sharing the lessons between the other school days.

• The rest of the school year will remain open.

• Registration fee: € 25. Includes: material needed for classes (notebook, pen and photocopies), one or two extracurricular activities per week, course certificate and Internet access.

• Book: € 18. Only for intensive and progressive courses. If you prefer to take the book on loan, the school has this service available for you. For this, is necessary to leave a deposit of 20 € in cash that will be returned on the last day of the course when you give back the book under the same conditions.

• Travel costs and weekend activities are not included in the price.

• A level test is required before the course. We recommend doing it the same day of registration so we will know in advance the student´s level and which class will be better.

• If the intensive course does not reach the minimum number of three students, the course will be taught, but the number of lessons will be decreased. Thus, for the formation of the group a minimum number of three students is necessary and four lessons will be taught daily. If there were only two students, the number of lessons would be 75% and if there were only one student at this level, the number of lessons would be 50%.

• The maximum number of students per class is eight.

• Classes lost in groups will not be recovered.

• Lessons lengh are 45 minutes.

• To book the individual lessons for two people is necessary that both students have the same level. If they do not have the same level, it is not possible to be together in class.

• If for any reason the student cannot come to the individual lessons, it is necessary to call the school 24 hours in advance in order to be able to recover these lessons. If you do not notify us in advance, the lessons will be considered given.

• If for reasons of rain or wind alert the school closes, there will be no class and missed lessons will not be recovered.

• The school reserves the right to change schedules if it is necessary for organizational reasons.

• To obtain the certificate of attendance it is necessary to attend to 90% of lessons.

• We give four levels of Spanish as a Foreign Language established by the European Reference Framework. These levels are: A1, A2, B1 and B2.

• If the student does not show up on the scheduled start date of the course or leave the accommodation, the total amount paid by the student will be lost. In addition, the student will have no ritght to any refund, if he leaves the course once it has started. In case of absence or sickness of the student, the student will not be entitled to any refund.

• € 50 will be charged for management fees for every course change or accomodation requested by the student.

• Students from other countries outside the European Union often need visa to be in Spain, we recommend to consult in the closest Spanish embassy or consulate. If your visa is denied, we will give you back the quantity paid, such a management fee of € 150.

• Desilena reserves the right to reject a request form of any student and to expel him/her for misbehaviour, irregular attendance or unsatisfactory work ( serious cases), without the right to refund the amount paid.

• Students with accommodation organized by Desilena must leave a copy of their Passport. Also, they must pay € 50 as a deposit, which would be returned at the time of departure, if the school accommodation rules have been followed. The bases of the accommodation are: entrance on Sundays and departure on Saturdays. There will be no discounts on the price for stays of less than a week.

• Extracurricular activities organized by the school are an additional service. Desilena acts as an intermediary between the student and the provider. The school will be in contact with the provider, but it is not responsible of the activity development. In the event of an accident during the activity, the responsibility fall to the student travel insurance or the company that carries out this activity.

• Desilena often takes photos and videos of daily life at school. If you do not want your photos to be published on social networks or the school's website, you must notify them on your request form.